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Dover Medical & Scientific Equipment Ltd, established in 1974, A leader in the medical technology market in Israel.

We represent the most advanced technology companies in Israel, standing at the forefront of knowledge in their field. The company offers cutting edge medical solutions, diagnostic equipment and advanced research tools in the field of Life Sciences.

The company comprises three divisions: medical, diagnostic and research. Among its customers are all hospitals in Israel, Clinics, Laboratories, Universities and research institutes.


Dover Medical offers customers the most innovative technologies and products in every sector.

IVD & Blood Banks

Enhancing laboratory performance for better clinical care

We provide in vitro diagnostic (IVD) solutions. Our goal is to enhance laboratory performance by standardization and streaming operations, assisting in clinical decision making and enabling better patient management. Automated platforms, reagents, calibrators, control materials, kits  specimen receptacles and software solutions used alone or in combination with automated platforms for in-vitro use.

Surgical & Medical Procedures

We provide technology and devices to better patient treatment

We offer  technology amp: devices to treat patients more effectively and efficiently. Among our technology solutions are robotic surgical systems for advanced MIS, cutting-edge laparoscopic & endoscopic equipment, immunotherapy treatments for oncology, rehabilitation technologies & high-end patient environment solutions.

Life Science & Industry

Innovative microscopes, scientific instruments and technology for various fields 

Our division provides innovative microscopes, scientific instruments and flow cytometers that facilitate the study of complex biological structures, causes of disease and potential new treatments. The use cases for the application of this technology are across various fields, such as healthcare, microbiology, industry, quality control, plants and animal cytology


Dover Medical & Scientific Equipment Ltd, established in 1974, is a leader in the medical technology market is Israel.

Founder & Chairman since 1974


Gideon Dover


Mr. Oren Dover is GM at Dover Medical, a role he has held since Oct. 2018. Oren has more than 15 years of medical & scientific sales experience, during which he led the penetration & implementation of various innovative technologies including advanced IV therapy solutions, medical & research imaging platforms & daVinci robotic surgery. Oren has been with the company since 2003. He served as sales director from 2007 to 2018. Oren received a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Tel-Aviv.


Oren Dover

General manager

Mrs. Yael Dover holds a BSc. in Microbiology & MSc. in Virology (cum laude) from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Co-founder and Director of Dover Medical & Scientific Equipment Ltd. since 1974, Yael has also led the sales & implementation of BCG. In charge of the import of Compassionate use drugs.


Yael Dover


Mr. Moshe Ben Shatach, Dover Medical’s Technical Service Director, has been responsible for Customer service, quality management and regulatory affairs since 1994. Moshe is highly experienced in the maintenance of complex medical technologies & has also led the company’s ISO9000 certification processes. Moshe holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Total  Quality Management (TQM).


Moshe Ben Shatach

Tech Service & regulations

Mr. Tal Dover - IT Manager-since July 2010, is an experienced cybersecurity expert. Tal is a Consultant for information technology and communication projects. Among his responsibilities - introducing innovative technologies as well as application & support of various robotic & digital solutions. Tal holds a BSc. in Computer Science and Economics from the University of Tel-Aviv. 


Tal Dover

IT Manager

Dr. Sharon Barzelai has served as VP Sales & Marketing  since 2017. From 2000 to 2017 Sharon held various positions at DOVER Medical as well as engaging in business development of the company. Sharon holds MSc & PhD in Biomedical Engineering, and MA in History of art from Tel Aviv University.


Dr. Sharon Brazilai

VP sales & marketing


We partner with the leading forces in Medtech & BioTech. 
Size doesn’t matter – innovation & commitment to drive forward do!


Our customers know they’ve made the best possible investment.
Whether achieving long-term performance and technological superiority, or by receiving the most professional support, we have their backs.



Dover Medical works with all the governmental & private medical centers in Israel, as well as the 4 HMO’s & assorted private clinics.



Dover Medical provides services to hematology, coagulation & chemistry laboratories with all 4 HMOs & private facilities.


Dover Medical provides services to various academic centers & research institutes.



Dover Medical provides services to various industrial RND facilities of Pharma, Biotechnology, Chemical, Electronic, Food & Environmental groups.




It was nice to meet you at such an interesting and professional conference. until next time.... the International Colorectal Disease Symposium

You are more than welcome to say hello at the Annually Israeli Society of Otolaryngology. Head and Neck Surgery. We will We proudly present the range of "Olympus" solutions

This week we installed the new Lokomat at the Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital - Medical Tourism, led by Hagay Amir. We’re hopeful many more patients will benefit from this enabling tech.


ORBEYE - Changing the Way You See Things

4K 3D Digital Video Microscope for Neurosurgery, spine surgery and Cardiovascular surgeryyour-visualization


Join us at Dover Medical & Scientific and be part of a company that makes the difference to so many people, every day.

Dover Medical & Scientific is looking for a surgical knowledge and high technological capability sales manager to join daVinci leading team. As a sales manager you will work with the most advanced medical technology in hospital operating rooms


  • Guidance and implementation of the Da Vinci system.
  • Advanced working environment in the world of surgery.
  • The position is filled mainly in a hospital in the central area.
  • Challenging work with specialist doctors in operating rooms.
  • Working to the highest standards with international standards and the world’s most advanced knowledge in the field.
  • The job includes traveling to a course abroad at the expense of the company.
  • Experience in sales of medical equipment in hospital and operating rooms


  • High sales ability and presence.
  • Experience and clinical knowledge in the field of surgery
  • Knowledge and understanding of physician needs.
  • Strong Interpersonal skills: self-management, collaborative & teamwork, Ambitious, energetic.
  • Self-discipline and flexibility: Adherence to a dynamic and changing work environment.
  • English- high level
  • The job is for both women and men. 
  • CV can be sent to

#medical #surgery #medicaltechnology #davinci

The role consists of:

  • Responsibility for managing sales processes with institutional and private clients,
    Introducing new products and technologies to use.
  • Work with medical staff and operating rooms in hospitals across the country
  • Inner motivation, motivation and self-discipline.
  • Full time job across the country


  • Experience in sales of medical equipment in hospital and surgery rooms – a must!
  • Clinical knowledge in orthopedics / spain
  • Assertiveness
  • Ability to make contacts and recruit new clients
  • Ability to work independently
  • Hunger for sales, determination and caring.
  • High level English

 The job is for both women and men.

חברת דובר מגייסת לשורותיה מנהל/ת צוות מכירות בתחום הכירורגיה עם רקע וניסיון בתחום המדיקל

 במסגרת התפקיד

  • ניהול מוצרים טכנולוגיים מתקדמים בעולם המדיקל 
  • ניהול צוות המכירות וביצוע מכירות שטח לבתי חולים
  • אחריות על החדרת מוצרים חדשים וטכנולוגיות חדישות ומתקדמות
  • יצירת וביסוס קשרים מול רופאים ומנהלי רכש בבתי חולים
  • יכולות מכירתיות גבוהות ויכולות ניהול מו״מ מול רופאים ומנהלים בכירים
  • יכולות ניהול מו״מ מול ספקים בחו״ל ברמה גבוהה
  • המשרה הינה משרה מלאה הכוללת נסיעות ברחבי הארץ, עם מיקוד במרכז


דרישות התפקיד

  • תואר ראשון רלוונטי בתחום
  • נסיון במכירות בתחום הכירורגיה – חובה
  • רקע במכירות בתחום המדיקל וטכנולוגיות מתקדמות – 5 שנים לפחות 
  • אוריינטציה טכנולוגית וידע בתחום קליני
  • יכולת יצירת קשרים לגיוס לקוחות חדשים ושמירה על לקוחות קיימים
  • יכולת הנעה ועמידה ביעדים, כושר התבטאות גבוה
  • ניסיון בניהול והובלת צוות – יתרון
  • אנגלית ברמה גבוהה
המשרה מיועדת לנשים וגברים כאחד

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