ORBEYE – Revolutionize your visualization

Big Screen 4K 3D Visualization

· See anatomical details with four times the resolution of standard HD imaging.

· Experience true depth perception with natural 3D visualization.

· Reliably identify tissue boundaries, blood vessels and lesions via a larger color range and observation and filter modes such as blue light, infrared and Narrow Band Imaging.

No Image Latency

ORBEYE offers precise instrument placement and visualization. Fast image processing achieves zero delay between the movement of your instruments and the 4K 3D image.

Agile Autofocus and Optical and Digital Zoom

· The very agile autofocus keeps your surgical field in focus at all times, so there is no need to adjust the focus manually.

· The optical zoom function allows you to zoom in and out as needed.

· The digital zoom provides fast, additional magnification for extra-detailed surgical work.

4K 3D Imaging Chain

All ORBEYE imaging subcomponents work together seamlessly to produce unsurpassed 4K 3D images.

From the Light to the Monitor